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"We come to September. How shall the historian condense that month?"
-- Christopher Morley, History of an Autumn

September was published as a part of our project Don't Worry We'll Fix It, a special project made for PICA’s Time-Based Art Festival in 2011. It was a daily publication that featured essays and images about a variety of topics from art conservation to censorship, and from revisionist history to thinking about thought. Copies of the newspapers were hand-edited throughout the course of the exhibition by 2 performing office workers. They added hyperlinks via post-its, redacted text, changed images, and even changed the form of the paper through a series of folds. The edits resulted in the creation of two versions of the publication--two 'historical records'.


With the publication, sculptural objects, photographs, and performance we considered the difficulties and satisfactions of writing, rewriting, and conserving a common history.

September featured commissioned texts by... 


Mack McFarland

Garrick Imatani

Carl Diehl

Graham Bell

Ariana Jacob

Krystal South

Sam Korman

Lisa Radon

Matthew Stadler


Julie Ault

22 page newspaper, with/without edits

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