Index of Objects


A series of visual indexes that inventory all the concrete portable objects in various works of theory and philosophy and literature.

From Beyond Sleep by Willem Frederick Hermans, archival inkjet print, 30" x 17"

From selected essays from Simone Weil: An Anthology edited by Sian Miles; from top to bottom: Friendship, Void and Compensation, The Mysticism of Work, The Self, The Needs of the Soul, The Power of Words, and Human Personality; archival inkjet print, 22" x widths variable, 2015.

From Theory of Bloom by Tiqqun; archival inkjet print, 2015.

From Means Without Ends by Giorgio Agamben; archival inkjet print, 2015.

From Frames of War by Judith Butler; archival inkjet print,  2012.

From The Administration of Fear by Paul Virilio; archival inkjet print, 2012.

From Violence by Paul Virilio; archival inkjet print, 2012.

Anna Gray +
Ryan Wilson Paulsen