Don't Worry, We'll Fix It


The Fix-it Office was a special project made for PICA’s Time-Based Art Festival 2011. It included the release of a daily publication and the establishment of a production office that specialized in redaction and restorative text-work. With sculptural objects, photographs, publication, and performance we considered the difficulties and satisfactions of writing, rewriting, and conserving a common history.

Our daily paper, September, featured writing and images from Mack McFarland, Ariana Jacob, Krystal South, Sam Korman, Garrick Imatani, Lisa Radon, Graham Bell, Julie Ault, Carl Diehl, and Matthew Stadler. Each day we worked in the office, editing copies of the paper by hand to add post-it note hyperlinks, redact misinformation, change images, and re-format through folds and footnotes. This resulted in two different records being released to the public. 

Anna Gray +
Ryan Wilson Paulsen