Spreading Rumours



With the collective Spreading Rumours* we organized and produced collaborative, public projects that originated from our desire for art to function in a responsive relationship to cultural and political happenings taking place in the city of Portland and beyond. We were interested in alternative forms of exhibition and distribution. Working with artists, writers, activists, and community organizers, we made three projects utilizing sign/tents, hand-stamped confetti Leaflets, and cell-phone spam poetry. To see more, click the images below. ------->

Spreading Rumours - Confetti Leaflets: 

Ten participants were invited to participate in a two-part workshop to create a series of hand-stamped confetti leaflet propaganda that was anonymously and autonomously distributed by ground, book, wind, air etc. across the city and beyond. Each leaflet design targeted a particular issue or location. Participants included Roger Peet, Liam Drain, Ally Drozd, Joel Sverjen, Danny Mackin, Maddy Freeman, Emily Squires, Sara Swetzoff, and Calder Paulsen.

Spreading Rumours - Spam Poetry

With some suggestive prompts in mind, 4 writers: Morgan Ritter, Brian Mumford, Adam Rothstein, and Sam Lohmann, were invited to compose a series of 150-character poems that were sent via text message as (SPAM POETRY) to over 6,000 anonymous recipients in the 503 area code during December 2014. Thematic prompts included: Surveillance and data mining of the body and brain; The paradoxical intersection of intimacy and publicity in the technology we call phone; Privacy, the imagined and felt boundaries of personal space and the sensation of exposure.

Spreading Rumours - Sign|Tents: 

Right 2 Survive, Amy Harwood & Ryan Pierce, Sharita Towne, Stephanie Syjuco, and Shani Peters were invited to create designs for a series of sculptural outposts that could address or pose questions about private property, public space, and development. The sign/tents were installed at street-level on lawns and lots around the city of Portland.

*Spreading Rumours is a collaboration between Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen, Ariana Jacob, and Garrick Imatani and it was supported by PICA’s Precipice Fund, the Calligram Foundation/Allie Furlotti, and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Anna Gray +
Ryan Wilson Paulsen