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Can These Antiques Ever Prove


Dangerous Again?

2012 a question taken from Hakim Bey's T. A. Z. The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism. Starting from this question, we made 101 protest signs in miniature as part of a project about different forms of resistance. We wanted them to feel slightly in danger of being trampled, even insultingly small, uncomfortably cute. Their content varies: sourced from our own impressions and situational reactions to ongoing struggles, and from a year-long bibliography of texts from people like Mo Ritter, Jean Baudrillard, and William Hazlitt, Nicolas Bourrioud, Tiqqun, Zizek, and Shel Silverstein, Virginia Woolf, Woody Guthrie, Hannah Arendt, among others. In some ways they are like a commonplace book or a sketchbook, made by a process of accumulation. These also exist as a book


Paint and ink on wood
Approximately 6" x 4" each

Arrangement variable, never to be exhibited in the same way twice

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