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bending library


Collaborative publishing project 

The bending library is a year-long publishing project that involves collaborating with 5 artists to produce a series of exhibitions in book form: one with each artist, released in the autumn months. The limited-edition artist books will be available for loan to readers on a 3-week basis via both local delivery in Portland and domestic mail.  


Our vision is that each book creates an experience for a reader that bleeds past its covers--that augments the traditional format of an exhibition and expands the performative aspects of reading.

The pandemic has made us crave both connection and distance, real things but intimate and/or isolated contexts in which to experience them. This project answers that need.

Books by Alex Wiseman, Justin L'Amie, Morgan Ritter, and Guestwork (Erin Charpentier & Travis Neel) to be released this Fall. 


Thank you to Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) and Portland State University Faculty Association (PSUFA) for their support of this project.  

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