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100 Posterworks



100 Posterworks began in 2009 as a letter to an artist who never replied. Nevertheless, we kept on writing, creating signs, photographing them, and sending them out serially through the mail to a roving list of friends and enemies at home and abroad. Over four years they slowly accumulated like the pages of a public sketchbook, a series of specific responses: initial stagings for public conversations, debates, and future projects. We sometimes used the form to try out ideas, to ask questions, quote or complain; other times to enact a kind of publicity, announce momentous occasions or idiotic warnings. Some of the posters don’t seem to make sense anymore; some of them might make more sense in the future. 


In 2013, with a grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council we printed a complete portfolio of the posters in an edition of 100. Order yours today!

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