A Classroom Reader
Edited by Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen
Printed and bound by Publication Studio

The essays in this book are adapted from four lectures delivered inside Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen's exhibition, "The Classroom," at PDX Contemporary Art, in Portland, Ore., during July of 2010. The exhibition featured a collection of pedagogical props which the lecturers — Anne Marie Oliver, Sean Regan, Helen Reed, and Barry Sanders — used, or not, in their talks. A Classroom Reader is the physical trace of those public events: a meditation on education through the subjects of mediology, metaphor, gift-giving, transmission, tradition, death, and the imagination. It features an introduction by the artists and a dozen B/W images of instructional illustrations drawn by each of the four speakers.

$15, softcover; $10, DRM-free ebook.
146 pp.
8" x 6" x 1/8"
ISBN: 9781935662426

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