Takerlab is a series of public reading discussions presented by the study group Imaginary Tendency 503 (#it503) beginning in the spring of 2015. We will be exploring topics like historical materialism, the history of private property, critiques of common sense, capitalism and the body, and affective orientations to history, capital, and the state.

We hope anyone interested in exploring post-scarcity political horizons will come participate. As workers frequently engaged in creative labor, we have loosely conceived of these events as an experiment in political organizing within the section of the working class we already know as friends, colleagues and, sadly, competitors (as we’re pitted against each other for the low-to-no-wage ‘opportunities’ to decorate the gentrification and amuse the property owners).

Reading event 1: On Chapter 2 of Silvia Frederici's Caliban and the Witch
2pm, May 23rd, Publication Studio Portland
717 SW Ankeny
Portland, OR

Reading event 2: On The Theory of Infantile Citizenship by Lauren Berlant
7pm, November 11th, Short Space
707 NE Broadway (Upstairs, entrane on 7th)
Portland, OR

See more at http://takerlab.tumblr.com